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Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder

Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder

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Defeat and prevent athlete’s foot and foot fungus

Are you an everyday athlete or active person with athlete's foot? If so, Funga Shield is for you. 

  • Treat and prevent athlete's foot 
  • Reduce irritation and swelling 
  • Enrich and strengthen skin 

Natural antifungal medicated powder to treat and prevent athlete's foot and other foot fungus caused by regular activity, as well as soothe irritated and infected skin. 

Our unique formulation combines kaolin clay - a mineral rich, natural drying agent - with the antimicrobial and antifungal properties of tea tree and eucalyptus oils and the anti-inflammatory properties of arrowroot to help keep feet dry, fungus free and comfortable.

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    • Why Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder?

      • Triple Action Formula: Anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory ingredients work in synergy to not only treat but prevent future problems
      • Stay Dry: Keep fungus away with dry feet/toes - kaolin clay provides a natural drying agent to ensure fungus has no place to hide and grow
      • Soothes & Protects: Experience relief from irritation and redness, as our powder gently soothes your skin with nature’s goodness

      Benefits For You

      • Stay Protected: Guard your feet against athlete's foot and other fungal infections, helping you to stay active and healthy
      • Comfort in Every Step: Reduce irritation and enjoy freedom of movement without discomfort, keeping your feet in peak condition ready to tackle any challenge
      • Long-Term Defense: Regular use helps reduce potential fungal outbreaks and skin irritation
    • Details

      Being active on your feet for hours or just training hard results in sweaty, wet feet and toes - creating a great place for fungus to grow and spread. Most people know this as Athlete’s Foot, and it’s not very nice, causing skin fissures and bleeding, smelly odours and irritated itchy skin. This fungal infection is then easily spread to other places on your body, and to other people.

      People have previously had to resort to synthetic solutions once they have gotten Athlete’s Foot, but now you can treat and prevent it naturally with Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot powder.

      Made of 100% natural medicinal ingredients, all of which are shown to treat and prevent athlete's foot and other fungal infections amongst active people, Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder helps to keep your feet in prime health and you on your feet for longer.

      Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder is for you If you have any of these:

      • Athlete’s foot/foot fungus infection
      • Regularly moist/wet/sweaty skin
      • Smelly feet
      • Skin rashes on your feet and toes
      • Itchy, inflamed feet
      • Cracked skin between your toes

      If you have or want to prevent any of the above and are fed up of putting synthetic chemicals between your toes and into your socks then kick back and rest assured Funga Shield is for you.

      Used after every training session, walk, match, run, swim and shower - Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder will support your everyday activities by preventing fungal infections, and keeping your feet healthy, happy and odour-free.

    • Ingredients

      Funga Shield Athlete’s Foot Powder is a powerful natural medicine, with no nasty chemicals or man-made synthetics! Each ingredient is picked to support a common ailment, and vetted against scientific research.

      Funga Shield includes these active and plant-based ingredients:

      Kaolin Clay

      Its ability to effectively extract surplus oil from the skin makes it particularly beneficial for managing conditions like athlete's foot, which thrives in moist environments.

      Coconut Oil

      A versatile plant with various pharmacological effects, including anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.


      Contains curcumin, an active component with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antineoplastic properties.

      Eucalyptus Oil

      Renowned for its antifungal properties, particularly in addressing fungal nail infections like onychomycosis.

      Tea Tree Oil

      Contains significant amounts of terpinen-4-ol, a compound known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    • How To Use


      • Clean and dry your feet
      • Put feet on small towel
      • Sprinkle a small amount of Funga Shield Athlete's Foot Powder directly onto your feet and in between toes, and rub with your fingers focusing on areas prone to moisture or fungal infections

      Build a daily routine to prevent athlete's foot and fungal infections

      • Use daily, particularly after showering or any activity that causes sweating
      • Use the same towel each day so you can catch dropped powder and rub into your feet each day (wash towel every week or so)
      • Reapply as needed throughout the day, especially if feet become damp or sweaty
      • For preventive care, continue using the powder regularly even after symptoms subside