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Chafe Guard Anti Chafing Balm

Chafe Guard Anti Chafing Balm

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Stay active and pain free, without blisters and chafing 

Are you an everyday athlete or active person who suffers from blisters and chafing? If so, Chafe Guard is for you. 

  • Prevent blisters and chafing  
  • Heal damaged skin faster  
  • Water and sweat resistant

Our all natural blister and chafing prevention balm provides maximal protection for your skin, on your feet and other sensitive areas - reducing blisters and soreness through friction and chafing, reduces skin inflammation and promotes skin nourishment and healing.

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    • Why Choose Chafe Guard?

      • Natural & Nurturing: Made with all-natural ingredients, our balm is gentle on your skin while providing powerful protection against chafing
      • Healing Hero: Aids in the healing process of the skin, ensuring that chafing doesn't keep you sidelined
      • Sweat Resistant, Endurance Enhanced: Water and sweat resistant, it's designed for the long haul, helping you stay active longer without compromise

      Benefits For You

      • Prevent & Protect: Say goodbye to blisters and the soreness associated with chafing. Our balm forms a protective barrier that minimises friction
      • Soothe & Heal: Experience the dual power of prevention and healing. When chafing occurs, our balm soothes irritated skin, promoting quicker recovery
      • All-Day Comfort: Waterproof and long-lasting, our formula ensures that you can set out on your day's adventure with confidence and comfort
    • Details

      Moving your feet, legs, and groyne for hours at a time causes friction which can lead to painful blisters, chafing and sores. Many of us have experienced the pain, making exercise and activity uncomfortable! It’s not nice in the moment, but blisters can also lead to future infections and take time for the skin to heal - all of which makes us less active and able to train.

      Most people will get a blister or sore, and try to deal with it then, perhaps a blister pad or some synthetic petroleum jelly - but the damage is done, and now you have to grin and bear the pain.

      Don’t wait until it happens, think preventatively - Chafe Guard is your solution. A 100% natural lubricating salve, Chafe Guard helps you prevent blisters and chafing, reduce the pain and likely infection from any already formed and even helps heal old sores - keeping you in the game for longer and smelling fresh as you go!

      Chafe Guard Anti Chafing Balm helps prevent and support

      • Blisters and chafing sores
      • Infections
      • Pain

      If you get any of the above, and don’t want to rub chemical based products onto your body and into your sores then try Chafe Guard Anti Chafing Balm. You’ll be smooth moving, and pain free - helping you nail your adventures, training and personal activity goals! Don’t let blisters get your way!

    • Ingredients

      Chafe Guard Anti Chafing Balm is made only of natural, medicinal ingredients - nothing synthetic or nasty in there - just natures’ goodness, packaged to keep you going harder for longer.

      All ingredients are selected specifically, and undergo a rigorous vetting of the scientific credentials - simple natural proactive medicines.

      Chafe Guard include these active and natural ingredients:

      Coconut Oil

      Proven effective in reducing the severity of conditions like mild to moderate atopic dermatitis (scaly, red, itchy patches of skin), while also promoting wound healing by enhancing collagen synthesis and epithelization.

      Shea Butter

      Rich in fatty acids like oleic, stearic, linoleic, and palmitic acids, as well as unsaponifiable compounds (very useful for skin moisturising, emulsifying and conditioning), shea butter is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


      Multifaceted functions including forming a protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture as a humectant, and soothing and softening the skin as an emollient.

      Vitamin E

      Topical applications containing vitamin E offer potential benefits in accelerating wound healing and minimising scar formation. Combinations of vitamin E with other antioxidants can enhance the recovery process.

    • How To Use


      • Clean and dry area before application
      • Apply a thin layer of Chafe Guard Anti Chafing Balm to areas prone to chafing or irritation before you train/compete (such as heels, toes, groynes, buttocks, thighs, underarms, or nipples)

      Build a routine into your warm-up routine to prevent chafing and blisters

      • Use before engaging in physical activities or wearing clothing that may cause friction.
      • Reapply as needed, especially during prolonged or intense exercise.
      • For ongoing preventive care, apply the balm to susceptible areas daily (to make skin more resilient)