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Deep Feets Muscle Rub

Deep Feets Muscle Rub

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Transform your recovery and combat muscle soreness, naturally

Are you an everyday athlete or active person with stiff, sore leg muscles after training? If so, Deep Feets Muscle Rub is for you. 

  • Effective relief from muscle soreness 
  • Improve flexibility and mobility
  • Improve recovery time    

Find immediate relief for your achy, tired leg muscles and feet with our 100% natural, medicinal Deep Feets Muscle Rub. Built for the most active, this is designed to alleviate soreness, reduce inflammation and relax those tense muscles after exercise. This is your post-workout ritual - redefined!

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    • Why Deep Feets Muscle Rub?

      • Deep Relief: Penetrates deeply to target muscle soreness and tension, offering quick, effective relief
      • Natural Medicinal Ingredients: Harness the anti-inflammatory and soothing properties of nature's best, ensuring your recovery is as fast as your pace
      • Ease and Flexibility: Improve your muscle flexibility and recovery time, helping you return to your activities faster and more prepared

      Benefits For You

      • Soothes Soreness: Eases the discomfort of achy muscles, allowing for a smoother, faster recovery
      • Reduces Inflammation: Targets inflammation to make post-activity movement easier and more comfortable
      • Relaxes Tension: Melts away muscle tension, promoting relaxation and well-being
    • Details

      Hard training sessions or long periods of activity can result in sore, stiff legs due to overloading the muscles. This general soreness is uncomfortable, reduces flexibility and your general motivation to be active or push training intensity.

      Deep Feets Muscle Rub is there to support you before and after your training sessions, both to warm up your muscles before and to reduce pain and inflammation afterwards. It’s 100% natural and is with you through every warm down, getting you through heavy training blocks, and helping to soothe those achy legs during rest.

      Deep Feets Muscle Rub helps with:

      • Achy muscles
      • Tender muscles
      • Leg and muscle pain
      • Muscle inflammation
      • Repetitive Strains
      • Tense and stiff muscles

      If you find training and activity causes any of these, and don’t want to put synthetic chemicals all over your body, then fold a little Deep Feets Muscle Rub into your proactive approach to training. Reducing your leg muscles' soreness and stiffness will mean you’ll be more motivated, more mobile and improve faster.

    • Ingredients

      Deep Feets Muscle Rub is 100% natural, and a core part of any active person’s proactive approach to training. No nasty chemicals, just nature's medicine to help you chase your dreams every step of the way.

      Deep Feets includes these active and natural ingredients:

      Coconut Oil

      Proven effective in reducing the severity of conditions like mild to moderate atopic dermatitis (scaly, red, itchy patches of skin), while also promoting wound healing by enhancing collagen synthesis and epithelization.

      Shea Butter

      Rich in fatty acids like oleic, stearic, linoleic, and palmitic acids, as well as unsaponifiable compounds (very useful for skin moisturising, emulsifying and conditioning), shea butter is renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.


      Multifaceted functions including forming a protective barrier on the skin, locking in moisture as a humectant, and soothing and softening the skin as an emollient.

      Wintergreen Oil

      Wintergreen oil exhibits anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anaesthetic properties, which can aid in relieving muscle soreness, tenderness, and discomfort associated with strenuous physical activity.

      Peppermint Oil

      This natural remedy provides a convenient alternative for individuals seeking relief from chronic pruritus, particularly when conventional treatments are not advised or less tolerated.


      Diverse chemical composition enables potent antimicrobial activity against various bacteria commonly associated with foot infections.

      Eucalyptus Oil

      Renowned for its antifungal properties, particularly in addressing fungal nail infections like onychomycosis.

      Tea Tree Oil

      Contains significant amounts of terpinen-4-ol, a compound known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    • How To Use


      • Massage a small amount of Deep Feets Muscle Rub onto sore or tense muscles, focusing on areas that need relief

      Add to your post-training routine to reduce muscle soreness

      • Use after physical activity or strenuous exercise to soothe tired muscles and reduce soreness
      • Apply the rub before bedtime for overnight relief
      • For preventive care, consider using the rub before workouts to help warm up muscles and minimise post-exercise soreness